I build stuff that hopefully makes people’s lives better. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


I’m currently an engineer at Color Genomics. Previously, I was at Operator, and before that, LinkedIn and UC Berkeley. A copy of my resume can be found here.

Some of my interests include learning, photography, fitness, and foreign languages.

Here are some things I’m doing right now.

  • I have been taking an online video chat-based Chinese class in order to study the language more efficiently.
  • A friend and I have been working on a mobile web app for Project Homeless Connect, an SF-based nonprofit.
  • I’m currently reading Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter. Recently, I finished Doing Good Better by William MacAskill, from which I learned a lot about the effective altruism movement, and why we should think carefully about what charities we donate to.


Here are some things I’ve done.

  • At Operator, I designed and built a flexible inventory scraper system, launched same-day gifting using UberRUSH, and redesigned and rebuilt the chat app which powers half of Operator.
  • At LinkedIn, I built a web app to prototype and execute different data transformation workflows.
  • With some spare time after work, I added a feature to one of Khan Academy’s open-source projects, live-editor, and they wrote a short blog post about the work I did.
  • When I was a student, I was in a club called Blueprint which built apps for nonprofits. I worked on an Android app to make event check-in electronic instead of on-paper for Project Homeless Connect, and led a group of deveopers to build a web app to coordinate food recovery efforts for Food Shift.
  • At my first hackathon, my roommate and I built an app to find trending Instagram photos from different locations dubbed Viewfinder. It was the first web app either of us had ever built, and we struggled for pretty much all 24 hours, but it was immensely rewarding.